Mechanical Patents

Since 1939, the Mechanical Practice Group at Andrus has successfully protected the inventive creativity of our clients. The Group began by servicing greater Milwaukee's strong base of small, skilled craft shops and large manufacturing companies. As these companies came to dominate their industries, they consistently relied upon Andrus to protect their technological advances in heavy machinery, tools, engines, metal products, and medical devices. Over the years, the Mechanical Practice Group has expanded its practice and now also represents both public and private researchers and developers of complex mechanical and electro-mechanical technologies across many industries throughout the world.

All of our attorneys have technical degrees in engineering or physics, coupled with hands-on experience in mechanical and electro-mechanical fields. This enables our IP lawyers to quickly grasp and analyze complex systems and understand the real-world significance of our clients' innovations. We help our clients secure their intellectual property by all available modes of protection, including utility patents, design patents, trademarks and trade dress, trade secrets and copyrights.

Our IP attorneys have experience with various technology areas, including:

  • aerospace,
  • boating and marine equipment and controls,
  • building and construction materials,
  • consumer products,
  • electromechanical controls,
  • environmental controls, including dehumidifying, heating, cooling, and ventilation,
  • farming and agriculture equipment,
  • filtration devices,
  • fitness, exercise and sporting equipment,
  • food technology, including heating and refrigeration devices, storage and processing,
  • green technologies,
  • manufacturing equipment,
  • materials handling equipment and processing,
  • mining and mineral extraction and processing,
  • oil and gas extraction and production technologies,
  • mechanical tools,
  • printing,
  • production machinery and processes,
  • medical devices and diagnostics,
  • packaging materials and related methods,
  • paper processing equipment and related methods,
  • power tools,
  • product coating devices,
  • robotics,
  • sanitizing equipment,
  • semiconductor and fabrication equipment,
  • telecommunications systems,
  • testing and materials processing equipment,
  • transportation, including rail, automotive and engines,
  • vending technologies, and
  • water and wastewater recovery and treatment devices.

In addition to mechanical patents, the attorneys in the Group handle matters involving other aspects of intellectual property. For more information regarding specific areas, please visit the Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights, Client Counseling, Transactions and Litigation pages.